10 thoughts on “Michelle + Wayne

  1. We absolutly love them! Thank you so much for your hard work. You guys are amazing @ capturing the moment. We can’t wait to see our album.
    Much love,
    Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

  2. Another beautiful job. And I thought the engagement photos couldn’t be beat. Well I was wrong, these are just awesome.

  3. So hard to pick a favourite, they’re all so beautiful. You both look absolutely stunning! This is one good looking wedding party lol

  4. Breath taking, stunning, beautiful, what more can one say? you are stunning Michelle and Wayne is so dashingly handsome. Perfect day, perfect pics, perfect couple. Love ’em all!

  5. Beautiful – the wedding, the pictures and both of you. Michelle and Wayne together you are truly blessed xoxox

  6. Your pictures are stunning, and so are the both of you! Your love radiates in every photo.
    Love you both and miss you tons!
    xx ❤ oo

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