Kelly and Warren

Most of you who have met us will know that we love hearing about your relationship. We enjoy hearing who you are as a couple, what makes your days go by and where you “picture” yourself.  Nothing is ever out of the ordinary so when we heard that Kelly and Warren love their Jeep, Warren plays guitar, our ideas kept flowing.

This day was one of the few nice days we get around here in April.  So while enjoying some laughs, listening to Warren play his guitar and having some Coronas, we photographed this easy going couple with a backdrop that set the scene perfectly. This actually wasn’t the first time we heard Warren play his guitar, the first time we heard Warren was at Kathilee and Neil’s wedding where he played during their first dance. Very romantic!

Thank you guys for bringing ‘you’ to this wonderful engagement session!

4 thoughts on “Kelly and Warren

  1. We are so happy with our engagement photos! You were able to capture exactly what we wanted. We are so excited to have you photograph our wedding. Thanks again!

  2. This is exactly what you guys wanted! Ahmad you’ve done it again. You captured exactly what we love about Warren and Kelly, them just being them.
    Lots of Love,

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