Tiffany and Ugene

This turned out to be a two day session. A few days before the rooftop I was power-shooting before the thunderstorm hit, we made it a quarter of the way before the skies turned black and we got rained on, but I was really happy with what we captured!

There is such a connection between these two, and we had so much fun capturing that.  I usually have no idea what the location look’s like till I get their.. its a creative challenge that’s for sure.  I’d rather not know and just let the day take us. When Tiffany said we can have access to a building rooftop I immediately thought of a perfect romantic setting with a gorgeous sunset over the city as a backdrop.  It worked out perfectly!  I rarely like to shoot at the same location twice, and having exclusive access to this location made my day!

I absolutely love it when my couples trust me, Tiffany & Eugene were no exception.

Special thanks to Jen from Elegance by Design for providing the table settings!


6 thoughts on “Tiffany and Ugene

  1. Ahmad…You are amazing!! Great couple but you once again had the ability to capture the moment and the magic. Well done my friend. Well done.

  2. Swear to God these are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seeeeen!!!! I hope they remain as happy as they look in these pictures!

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