Amy-Lynn and Matt

We met up with these two at the harrow fair,  one of the oldest fair’s in Canada.  This was an extra special time in their lives as it was the day they first met at this exact fair.  After some good laughs we picked up the famous “Tory” from home and headed to the beach.  Tory was a gift to Matt from Amy and you could just tell how much she meant to both of them, and vice versa.  Barely being able to sit back and listen to her whimper while the two took a stroll along the beach we added her to the mix and she was more then willing to get wet!

There is nothing like a beautiful sunset on the lake and a loving couple to add some extra sweetness to the mix.



3 thoughts on “Amy-Lynn and Matt

  1. Ahmad & Ferah,
    Thanks so much for the pictures! It was great to go back to the fair 11 years later and to have you guys there to capture all of the fun moments. We love the sunset pictures on the beach as well…and the ones of Tori are just so cute! We can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  2. What beautiful pictures!!!!! Matt and Amy-Lynn you both look amazing!!! Each picture truly shows the strong bond the two of you share… you look so in love!! I can’t believe it’s been 11 year… unreal! And Tori (aka. titiani) looks spectacular… what a girl!
    Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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