Katie and Reggie

On this day we where greeted by Katie’s father at the door.  He was so welcoming and made us look forward to meeting everyone else.  Once the girls arrived from their hair appointments they immediately got dressed and all were very excited to get the festivities on their way.  After taking some amazing shots of Katie we headed to Amherstburg where she was to meet her groom.  The sun was shining bright and the heat did not let out but these two were ready for the spotlight and looked incredible together.  Just before the ceremony was to begin clouds started rolling in and everyone held their breath but once the I do’s were said and sealed with a kiss the sun joined in the final hours of the day light.

Thanks guys for having us be a part of your day.  We met some great people and truly enjoyed sharing every moment of it with you!



3 thoughts on “Katie and Reggie

  1. The Pictures are amazing! We had a wonderful day and are so thankful that our pictures capture this so well. You both did a great job and we can’t wait to show everyone how good they turned out. Thankyou again!

  2. Lovely, Lovely Pictures, and we had a lovely day at the wedding!!!!!!
    Love Dad and Mom

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