Fahema and Daniel

It’s so nice to be able to “click” with the couple we meet.

On this incredibly special day we started off stopping by Daniels house, at which time we woke him out of bed (lol).  He was already so excited to get this day going he didn’t have a problem being wide awake.  he just kept saying “I can’t believe this day is here, I’m so excited!”

Fahema was absolutely glowing!  You couldn’t help but be excited for her.  She has one of the most genuine smiles I’ve seen.  Being able to see both sides on the morning of their big day really is a pleasure.  We get to see and hear how happy each person is and why they are so connected.

Cheers to you both!  We look forward to sharing many more fun times together with you guys!






6 thoughts on “Fahema and Daniel

  1. Wow! you guys rock! You made us feel so comfortable it felt so natural. We had the best night of our lives thanks to you both. We can’t believe it’s all over, and all the moments were captured. We had so much fun sharing our special night with you both. Thank you so much, we love the pictures and we can’t wait to see our album 🙂 We look forward to hangin out with you two again very soon.
    The Sikl’s hehehee xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful Pictures. It was a very hot day and you both worked very hard. Thank you for doing an amazing job.
    Love mother of the bride

  3. Wow! Fahema looks stunning!! Daniel is very handsome!! Fantastic pictures to have as memories of your beautiful wedding day.

  4. Lovely wedding and amazing photography!
    i have a question for the bride, as she’s probably the one who can help me the most with this 🙂 i loved the ring-bearer pillow. may i please know where i can get it from? perhaps there’s a website for the shop… thanks a lot. and congratulations!

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