Sanela and Nik

We’re very familiar with Macedonian weddings, having done a few of them over the years we know what to expect and we always look forward to them!  They are long days filled with dancing, music, drinking, singing and some more drinking (not in any particular order).  The distinct feature of Macedonian weddings is that the bride and the groom travel to the church together. The groom’s family visits the bride’s family first. There, they are meant to “buy” the bride, after a good dose of price negotiations. This time around, the groom’s family or ‘representatives’ came well prepared – they had an endless supply of “Slevo” and cash to match.

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Nicolas Macedonian Church. From there, we went to Sprucewood Winery and headed back for the wedding reception at the St. Nicolas Macedonian Hall. What a fantastic day it was!

Sanela & Nik are an awesome and gorgeous couple to work with.  Thank you both for having us be a part of your day!

9 thoughts on “Sanela and Nik

  1. The pictures are so beautiful, I can’t believe it! Ahmad is an amazing photographer and obviously Sanela & Nik look gorgeous in every picture! 🙂

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