The Secret Engagement

Weddings are a series of fantastic moments, some expected, some unexpected – and they all come together to tell the story of the day. Proposals on the other hand have a little extra spark – the evening filled with romance and anticipation, the question always lingering in the air  “could it be happening tonight?”

Well it was in the air on this night.

Jono contacted us about a month ago and told us how he’d like to include us in his secret proposal to his girlfriend.  While Tanya thought we where photographing a romantic couples lifestyle session we all knew what was in store.  It was truly an honour to be included in such a beautiful and private moment. The emotions captured from these two are priceless.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

9 thoughts on “The Secret Engagement

  1. Thank you and your amazing wife for everything you did for us. I will never forget that for the rest of my life. It truly was a surprise and I am still in shock. xxooxoxoxo

  2. Perfect blend of magazine shoot and candid precious moment fo joy-loveliest engagement pics ever!

  3. This is so special how this man did a proposal! 🙂 beautifully captured too!

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