Kristina and Adam – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Being greeted at the door with a huge smile and a very happy groom is always a great start to our morning. Adam made sure to incorporate all of the elements he knew Kristina loved in their home, particularly the Christmas tree and her favourite chair. We left Adam in good hands with his groomsmen who seemed to create a very relaxing atmosphere for him.
Kristina was getting ready and loving every moment of getting her dress on. With her bridesmaids going in and out of the room saying “I can’t watch, I’m gonna cry” and her mother saying she didn’t want to stop looking at her. We knew this day was going to be an emotionally filled occasion with lots of love. Kristina added the final touches of her look by wearing the same vintage earrings her mother wore on her wedding day.

After some cocktails and bearing the cold weather we headed to Ciocarro and yet again mesmerized by the beautiful decor by Elegance By Design. The evening went by with lots of love and laugher. Congratulations to you both!

3 thoughts on “Kristina and Adam – Windsor Wedding Photographer

  1. Ahmad & Ferah, these pictures are so beautiful! We both had huge smiles on our faces reliving our big day. You captured so many wonderful moments and we are so grateful to the two of you. Thank you for the great words in your blog post, too! Ahmad, you are so talented. We’re blown away by these shots. Thank you two so very much!

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