Kim + Jon

Truly an edgy and unique couple.  We had a blast with Kim and Jon trekking through a junk yard and finding old rusted things and guessing what the old over used parts were surrounding us.  We had to add some more adventure into our evening, so we decided to explore a building, through what seemed like the tiniest crack in the wall, we found the light!  It was definitely magical in this old abandoned building.  And what else would this evening be without a walk through the alley.  These two shined with all the colours from local graffiti artists.  Couldn’t have asked for a more rockin’ evening!

A million congrats Kim + Jon!  We’re so happy for you both and can’t wait to celebrate with you December!!

8 thoughts on “Kim + Jon

  1. So beautiful Kim, all of them are so great how do you pick which ones to get….l know buy them all!! It looks like a magazine photo shoot, you are so beautiful and your inner beauty always shines the brightest!

  2. Absolutely perfect photos! They suit your personality to the “T”. Kim look stunning in each one, and Jon doesn’t look so bad himself 😉 ( sexy couple) I just love them all!
    Good luck deciding which ones!!!!

  3. Ahmad and Ferah, We cannot thank you enough for everything. Working with the two of you was such a pleasure and the pictures have far exceeded our expectations. You guys are amazing!!! We are certainly looking forward to working with you again in December! 🙂

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