Daniele + Pete An engagement story


One day we received a call from Pete, who told us he’d like to surprise Danielle with a Lifestyle shoot, that would then lead to his proposal.  Pete is a very talented tattoo artist and when he told us where he was going to propose we couldn’t wait for the day to come.  These two are very unique, and super cool in their style. We knew that many surprises were most likely in store for us on this photo shoot as well.  So the day finally came and towards the end of the night at the tattoo shop what do we see…an actual tattoo on Pete that says in Serbian “Will you marry me?”  Sweet right!  Well to top it off Danielle decided that she’d like to say “yes” in her own way too.

This shoot was definitely one we’ll never forgot and has made us even more anxious for the wedding where Pete and Danielle have planned to incorporate some of their amazingly cool style!

For part 2 they wanted to let loose a little….

9 thoughts on “Daniele + Pete An engagement story

  1. unreal!! love them all so much, great job Ahmad and Ferah!!! it was so much fun, we can’t wait for the wedding 🙂

  2. love these!!!!!!! u guys look awesome! great job as always signature design photography!

  3. So much love and it shines in these images. I love the concept, lighting and colours. Incredible. Great job everyone on A+ photography Ahmad!
    Congrats and much success to this lovely couple.
    ❤ Roxi

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