Matt & Andrea – Windsor Engagement Photographer

The connection these three had was just adorable.  The session went by so smoothly and before we knew it we were already done.  This was a our first time meeting Andrea & Matt in person and my instincts were right.  Amazing couple, enormous amount of love for each other and a connection that rivals any great love out there.  From the way they held each other, to how they laughed at the same things we knew that these two had definitely found their soulmate and soul-pup.  They’re already great parents to a fur baby 🙂

Here’s just some of the highlights from our session together.


A&M_Engagement_056 A&M_Engagement_048 A&M_Engagement_032 A&M_Engagement_019 A&M_Engagement_026 A&M_Engagement_039 A&M_Engagement_038 A&M_Engagement_060 A&M_Engagement_076_1 A&M_Engagement_077 A&M_Engagement_079 A&M_Engagement_086 A&M_Engagement_108 A&M_Engagement_112 A&M_Engagement_125 A&M_Engagement_011

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