First Look – Is it for you?

A First Look is when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. This is done alone, away from your wedding party, and it is a moment shared by just the two of you.  Although we don’t prefer one way or another and our best advice to you is to do what feels right here are just a few reasons why this may be the perfect option for you.

1) It’s WAY more romantic when you see each other for the first time ALONE and not along with every, single guest than you invited. 2) Brides & grooms who see each other before hand are MUCH more relaxed when they are ready to walk down the aisle. The focus is on enjoying the ceremony instead of focused on having the groom hide and the worry of “oh no! did he see me?!” If I got married again, one of the things I would change would be seeing Ahmad in a private moment with just the two of us before the ceremony. He’s my best friend so I would want to have him share a special moment with me with no other pressures around. 3) Your hair & make-up looks BEST at the beginning of the day 4) You get all of your photos done before cocktail hour.  Now you have the chance to enjoy the flow of the day including the amazing cocktails you planned for months on perfecting.   I often hear, “isn’t is bad luck for the Bride & Groom to see each other before the ceremony?” Here’s the theory behind this one…back in the day when girls were considered property of their fathers and marriages were arranged the groom actually never saw the bride beforehand and the concern was that if he caught a glimpse of her and did not like what he saw, he’d call the wedding off = “bad luck”. This is also where other traditions like the veil come from. However, if you are nervous about him running at the sight of you, a First Look is probably not for you.

_SDP3954 I know in all your planning the one moment you’re thinking of the most is his expression when he sees you. Is he going to cry? You want him to have that “look” when he first sees you. I can tell you from the number of weddings I’ve experienced often times all the groom is thinking as the bride walks down the aisle is… “Try not to pass out, am I standing where I’m supposed to stand, where should my hands be.” In turn the bride is thinking, “Try not to trip on my dress.” Also, both of you are thinking of the fact that 100-200 people are staring at you.  Seeing each other alone eliminates all of these dilemmas and makes for a much more natural and genuine interaction. This gives him a chance to say what he is thinking about how beautiful you look. It gives you a chance to tear up a bit and not feel like you are ruining your make up in front of the world. It gives both of you a chance to really reflect and just sit in the moment of your day. Believe me, he will say things to you then that you will never forget. Those minutes together may end up being your favorite part of the day. Then, when you do walk down the aisle you both still experience the realness of what’s happening, but the stress and anxiety has been removed.