Tips for Getting Great Wedding Photos

Your attitude – The most important thing you can do is to relax, let go, and have fun on your wedding day. This will translate into beautiful photos. Most often the reasons for less than perfect photos are stress, poor planning, and unrealistic expectations of the day. The more you can plan ahead to avoid these things (i.e. hiring exceptional vendors, planning a relaxing morning, planning for worst case scenarios, and padding your schedule), the better your photos will turn out.  And, always remember that you hired the best so in turn you should be able to put your trust in them to take care of things and guide you in the best possible way.  At the end of the day we as vendors want your wedding day to be absolutely perfect and nothing less.

Something we all know and have heard about planning a wedding is that no matter how much you plan for your wedding day, something will not go as planned. It’s very hard to maintain perspective when you have been planning so long for one day, but keep reminding yourself that this day is about marrying the love of your life, and don’t let the little things get to you. No one will notice if the favours aren’t quite what you intended, or that the flowers aren’t the right color. But they will notice if you are upset and that will also show in your photos.



Style – Not many realize that they will spend more time with the photographer on their wedding day than almost any other single person. It’s essential that you get along with your photographer, since that will definitely affect the photos. This is why, to us, engagement photo sessions are so important. We believe that by the time your big day rolls around, we’ll all have such a great connection where we’re all relaxed and having fun. This will also show to your family & guests – which will in-turn lead them to relax too.

Have fun. Be crazy. Let’s face it; those “magazine bride photos” that you have been looking at do not happen all by themselves. They are well planned, rehearsed, and the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from hundreds of photos. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more likely it is that he will capture that one special moment that only happens once.

If you have any specific photos you want, communicate your wishes with us before the wedding. This will help us all be on the same page and ensure that the photos that you expect are the photos that you will get.  Communication! Very important.

If we have posing suggestions, enjoy yourselves and have fun while posing. Don’t be afraid to make your own suggestions and work with the initial pose you’re given.

The Pose – “Chin up, a little to the left, shoulders back, stand on one foot, hold your breath…hang on…don’t move. ” Any photographer worth his salt should be able to pose you in an elegant and attractive position. Do you know the reason for all these contortions? By lifting your chin you banish the double chin. Holding your elbows away from your body reduces the apparent width of your torso and accentuates the bosom. Shifting your weight to your rear foot cocks your hips into a position that gives you sexy curviness. There are many other little tricks we may teach you. Just listen and we will not lead you astray!

I can’t count how many times we’ve heard couples say how un-photogenic they are.  We’re here to tell you from our own experience as well as we used to feel about ourselves is that everyone is photogenic.  It’s just a matter of finding the right light and angle that’s tailored for you.

Props – Don’t forget to have a copy of your wedding invitation that we can incorporate into the detail shots of your big day. Photos of wedding rings with flowers, invitation, maybe even your shoes and garter can really add to your album.

Timing – The time of day, season, and location will have an enormous impact on your photos. Be sure to consult with us and we can help make sure you create a wedding day schedule that will allow you to take advantage of the best light of the day and the maximum amount of time. Allowing as much time as possible between the ceremony and reception will help us not only create the amazing images you want but we can do it with a relaxed atmosphere so you can still enjoy spending the afternoon with your significant other and your bridal party.

Unless you want your wedding day to be remembered as one long photo shoot, try to limit the number of posed group shots. The more groups you want photographed, the less time we will have capturing moments, candid shots of you and your guests, and you as a couple. Normally we like to take all the family and group shots right after the ceremony. This way you have all those who need to get other things done and little ones who need a nap included in your photos.

To ensure that the formal photo session runs as smoothly as possible, communicate before the wedding to everyone involved about where and when you’ll have the posed photographs.

Makeup and Hair – Do a trial run with your hair and makeup and have photos taken to make sure you’re happy with your appearance. Check out your makeup both in natural light and indoors to be sure it’s not too heavy. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your makeup looks light, clean and natural. Even though your wedding is a very special day, keep in mind that you still want to look like you. If you tend to “shine” you can always bring along blotting tissue that can be picked up from any drugstore.



One last thing – Remember that the goal of your wedding photos is to capture beautiful pictures of you and your day! Even though you’ll want everything to be perfect, your photographer will be looking for great expressions—and those usually come when everyone involved is relaxed and having a great time.