Sasa & Jaclyn – Windsor Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to describe the feeling we felt when Jaclyn said she wanted to choose her wedding date to when we were available.  It was certainly an honour to hear.  She is a wonderful human being, kind, ambitious, dedicated and graceful.  I have been lucky to bond with her over the years during her journey through numerous beauty pageants and she has been one of my top supporters throughout my photography journey.

Sasa and Jaclyn’s wedding day was perfect from start to finish.  These two are fantastic together and were genuinely delighted throughout the day to be husband and wife.  They represented the respect they have for each others families and cultures.  It was a morning filled with laughter.  Two ceremonies that oozed with emotion. And a reception that is one for the books!

Hugs and kisses to you both!  I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day as much as we enjoyed being there to capture it!

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Sara & Tarek – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Sara and Tarek radiate happiness and joy, as did their families throughout the day.  We began with getting ready coverage in the late afternoon.  While Sara was waiting for Tarek to ring the door bell she was smiling from ear to ear. It was a celebration the moment he arrived along with musicians and a gorgeous classic vehicle. After an incredibly romantic portrait session. we headed to the reception which immediately began with dancing that went well into the night.  All day it was apparent that these two would be forever surrounded by love and community.

Here are just a few of my favorite images, continue on to see a slideshow video of the highlights from the day.

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Terry & Josh – Windsor Wedding Photographer

You would assume that sharing images as a wedding photographer would be easy.  Just choose your favourites from throughout the day and post a blog, share a photo on Facebook or publish to Instagram.  I must say I can’t agree less!  I have the pleasure of meeting such amazing couples and am honoured that they all have an appreciation of my passion for this art and, because of this we create images that I am proud to share.  The task of going through the thousands of photos I’ve taken on a wedding day and choosing my favourites is time consuming because I can’t just pick a handful (plus I’m o.c.d just a bit). What you may not always see are the beautiful family photos or images throughout the ceremony.  To me they are all perfect because I never take an image I don’t like. So many moments, from smiles to tears to romance and laughter.  In the end I try to choose the images that, to me, bring back memories of the day at it’s truest.

When Terry and Josh first came to Ferah and I they were in the middle stages of planning their wedding.  From the moment we met they let us know how much they loved our work, heard nothing but good things and trusted in us to take control.  We chat for a bit over coffee and gave them our best advice on how to make their day go smoothly and I was so happy to see the gratitude in their faces when our meeting came to an end.  I couldn’t wait to spend the day with them because I knew it would end up being a perfect day.  Below are just some of the images that I hope you two look back on from year to year and remember each and every moment.

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Jaclyn & Chad – Windsor Wedding Photographer

As I sit here and think about this wedding I remember the absolute perfection of the day.  Fun loving bridesmaids in the morning and the perfect light in a room set aside just for this day.  Seeing Jaclyn walk down the aisle towards Chad waiting for her with complete anticipation.  He had a big smile and his eyes couldn’t be taken away from his bride.  Standing side by side these two look like soul mates, made for each other. From their looks to their personalities they complement each other perfectly.

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Caitlin & Kevin – Windsor Wedding Photographer

We’ve decided to start adding something new to our blog postings.  You’ll see a video which highlights the day as it went it.  With beautiful portraits to candids in between we hope you are able to relive this day or feel like a guest at the weddings see have the honour of capturing.  Keep scrolling through the blog to see our favourites as well!

Caitlin and Kevin’s wedding day was a relaxing day that went off without a glitch.  The overcast day allowed me to shoot with the backdrop of the Canadian Club.  Ending the night off with a beautiful decorated hall at Ciociaro club just tied the day together with this fun loving adorable couple.

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Blair & Rick – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Blair and Rick’s whole day exuded the same warmth that the bride and groom do, a sweetness and light that makes for a phenomenal celebration!  Although it was a beautiful spring day we also photographed indoor at the Ciociarro Club.  At a certain time of the day the natural light pouring in through the windsor creatives for magical feel.

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Ann & Jared – Windsor Wedding Photographer

I have always loved working at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, and Ann and Jared’s wedding was no exception.  It has been one of the most popular locations for weddings in Essex County.  I love the proximity to the beach, the indoor/outdoor ability to shoot and most recently, what they’ve done to cater to weddings being hosted at their location.  Creating an indoor reception venue that still does justice to the feeling of an outdoor wedding.  Despite the unseasonably crazy heat we had been getting around this time, the day stayed cool and mother nature made sure that everyone was happy.  It’s wonderful when couples host their entire wedding at the same location.  Family and friends together all day sharing cocktails, laughs and dancing the night away.

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Jessica & Zac – Windsor Wedding Photographer

It’s hard to what in particular made this particular wedding so extraordinary.  Perhaps it was the extreme closeness of the entire family and the joy you could feel in the air.  Maybe it was the bride herself, her particular joy, beauty or her smile always ready to laugh.  Possibly it was the groom, with his calmness and the way you could just feel that he was ready for his future.  I truly think that it was all of the above, and so much more.  These two are such spectacular people separately, and together they are a brilliant combination of brains, beauty, and brightness.  It was an honor to have captured this day.

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Hussein & Fatima – Windsor Wedding Photographer

For Hussein & Fatima’s session we headed to our favourite place to photograph, the Canadian Club.  We had your typical Windsor spring weather (or what we’ve come to know as spring around here) a little rain, cold wind and maybe a few sun rays from time to time.  Regardless of the unpredictable climate we could count on one thing, and that was for these two, who are clearly deeply in love to brave any element to be with each other.  These two bring out the best smiles in one another.  Their adorable connection is what most people would call “couple goals”.  While their religious ceremony to celebrate their marriage was done on a previous day, today was the day to celebrate the rest of their lives together and what a kick off it was!

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Troy & Nevianna – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Troy & Nevianna have been long time friends of ours.  We’ve shared many laughs, made some awesome memories and we’ve had the pleasure of watching their family grow over the years with their two beautiful children.  Not long ago I got a text from Nevianna asking us to be a part of their wedding ceremony in a couple weeks.  I was happy and a bit surprised at the suddenness and she told me that they’ve decided to elope and wanted us to capture their wedding vows.  It was truly an honour!  So, on a gorgeous Wednesday evening we met them and their witnesses at one of Windsor’s river front parks and got to see them say their vows to one another.  Everybody got teary eyed as the sun was setting and these two said I do.  It was so romantic and just perfect for them.  It brought back the simplicity of what two people uniting really means.  No elaborate wedding gown, no fancy shoes or suit and tie, just the two of you, God and a little sun. It was one of the most magical one hour wedding sessions I’ve attended/captured.

I know you both have thank us but we wanted to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for including us in this magical evening!

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Kristen & Mike – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Winter has been long, very long.  As much as well look forward to the warm sunny days there is a certain kind of beauty our winters bring.  Weather it’s a snowy day or a foggy day you can find beauty in anything.   Kristen and Mike’s wedding was no exception.  It was a heavy foggy day that lasted all day.  We were lucky enough to be out the in the county to experience it and it was beautiful.  Between the “accessories” Mike had and Kristen’s Allure blush ball gown the day
was a perfect representation of the two of them.  Here are some highlights from their wedding day.

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Jaclyn & Jeremy – Windsor Wedding Photographers

Jaclyn & Jeremy is another wedding we have been anxious to share.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith couldn’t be any sweeter.  When we first met Jaclyn it was at her sister Laurie’s wedding, which was another wedding that will stay in our memories.  From time to time I’d see Jaclyn and she was always talking about our work and one day she would be book us to photograph her wedding.  Well, that day came and it was such a pleasure.  Jaclyn is one of those calm, sweet and caring people you just can’t help but love and her and Jeremy compliment each other perfectly.   We had a short fall here in Windsor (or at least it felt that way) but one of those beautiful fall days was Jaclyn and Jeremy’s wedding.  Waking up in the morning we were ready to go, mother nature blessed us with a gorgeous day and who more perfect to get married on this day than Jaclyn & Jeremy!

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Katie & Frank – Windsor Wedding Photographer

Welcome to the wedding of Katie Gibb and Frank Minardi.  We have been waiting far too long to share these photos but we are so happy to show these to everyone.  This beautiful wedding was  incredibly elegant with no detail missed. After spending a 14 hour day with these two we didn’t want to leave the reception as it was the party of the year! From the perfect invitations done by Palettra, the customized decor by Elegance by Design to the beautiful dress by Monique Lullier with a perfect bow made just for Katie by Monique herself.  I could go on and on discussing every detail of this wedding but I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves.  I’m confident you’ll see how important this day was to these two as well as to their family and friends.

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