Jen + Mitch

I’m not sure what isn’t to love about these two.  From their stunning smiles and perfect looks, to the incredible way they compliment each other along with the joy of their wedding day, all there is to do is say ‘Wow!”

The excitement of the day, the amazing wedding party, that gorgeous dress that fit Jen like a glove  and awesome suit that was tailored just for Mitch all added to what was already such a beautiful day.  This wedding is yet another example of why this job is so awesome!  So sit back and enjoy the show (there’s a lot to see!).

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Amber + Gary

We’ve had such a great start to the season!  The couples we have the pleasure of spending time with are incredible and each so unique.  Amber & Gary compliment each other like we’ve never seen.  They’re both so in sync, and so happy when they’re side by side that you can’t help but just want to wish them nothing but the best.

Cheers to you guys!  We wish you lots of laughter and tears of joy!

Kristina and Adam

Being greeted at the door with a huge smile and a very happy groom is always a great start to our morning. Adam made sure to incorporate all of the elements he knew Kristina loved in their home, particularly the Christmas tree and her favourite chair. We left Adam in good hands with his groomsmen who seemed to create a very relaxing atmosphere for him.
Kristina was getting ready and loving every moment of getting her dress on. With her bridesmaids going in and out of the room saying “I can’t watch, I’m gonna cry” and her mother saying she didn’t want to stop looking at her. We knew this day was going to be an emotionally filled occasion with lots of love. Kristina added the final touches of her look by wearing the same vintage earrings her mother wore on her wedding day.

After some cocktails and bearing the cold weather we headed to Ciocarro and yet again mesmerized by the beautiful decor by Elegance By Design. The evening went by with lots of love and laugher. Congratulations to you both!

Francesca and Joseph

We had the pleasure to be a part of Francesca and Joe’s wedding, which has been called the royal wedding of the area and it was just that.  Over looking no detail these two planned out a day that was spectacular.  Everything went smoothly and we couldn’t help but notice the amount of smiling people that surrounded these two.

Everyone looked stunning especially Francesca in her Kenneth Pool wedding gown.  It certainly was inspiring and we couldn’t wait to capture these two together enjoying their once in a life time moments.

After the emotional ceremony we headed over to the elegantly decorated hall.  These two along with Elegance by Design paid attention to every detail. You couldn’t help but say “wow” once you entered and knew that you in for a great night!

It truly was a beautiful event and we are so honored to have been the ones who captured this occasion.

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Fahema and Daniel

It’s so nice to be able to “click” with the couple we meet.

On this incredibly special day we started off stopping by Daniels house, at which time we woke him out of bed (lol).  He was already so excited to get this day going he didn’t have a problem being wide awake.  he just kept saying “I can’t believe this day is here, I’m so excited!”

Fahema was absolutely glowing!  You couldn’t help but be excited for her.  She has one of the most genuine smiles I’ve seen.  Being able to see both sides on the morning of their big day really is a pleasure.  We get to see and hear how happy each person is and why they are so connected.

Cheers to you both!  We look forward to sharing many more fun times together with you guys!

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