Ahmad & Ioana – Windsor Engagement Photographer

Canada is full of hidden gems.  One of those gems is right here in Ontario.  With the air so fresh you want to inhale it all day long, clear blue waters and cliffs that give you a spectacular view of the sunset, not to mention the trees that are endless. How could I not want too photograph this beautiful couple there.  We drove the 5 hour drive to Northern Ontario making it just in time for the sunset, with a little under one hour to shoot before the darkness took over.  Thank you mother nature for your beauty!

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Matt & Andrea – Windsor Engagement Photographer

The connection these three had was just adorable.  The session went by so smoothly and before we knew it we were already done.  This was a our first time meeting Andrea & Matt in person and my instincts were right.  Amazing couple, enormous amount of love for each other and a connection that rivals any great love out there.  From the way they held each other, to how they laughed at the same things we knew that these two had definitely found their soulmate and soul-pup.  They’re already great parents to a fur baby 🙂

Here’s just some of the highlights from our session together.

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Daniele + Pete An engagement story


One day we received a call from Pete, who told us he’d like to surprise Danielle with a Lifestyle shoot, that would then lead to his proposal.  Pete is a very talented tattoo artist and when he told us where he was going to propose we couldn’t wait for the day to come.  These two are very unique, and super cool in their style. We knew that many surprises were most likely in store for us on this photo shoot as well.  So the day finally came and towards the end of the night at the tattoo shop what do we see…an actual tattoo on Pete that says in Serbian “Will you marry me?”  Sweet right!  Well to top it off Danielle decided that she’d like to say “yes” in her own way too.

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Kim + Jon

Truly an edgy and unique couple.  We had a blast with Kim and Jon trekking through a junk yard and finding old rusted things and guessing what the old over used parts were surrounding us.  We had to add some more adventure into our evening, so we decided to explore a building, through what seemed like the tiniest crack in the wall, we found the light!  It was definitely magical in this old abandoned building.  And what else would this evening be without a walk through the alley.  These two shined with all the colours from local graffiti artists.  Couldn’t have asked for a more rockin’ evening!

A million congrats Kim + Jon!  We’re so happy for you both and can’t wait to celebrate with you December!!

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Nancy + Dave

We had the pleasure of spending an evening with Nancy + Dave not too long ago and help them reminisce about the day they got engaged.  We’ve actually known these two for awhile now.  Meeting them originally, at their friends wedding Magda + Mike and seeing this group of friends at numerous weddings is something we always look forward to.

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