Danielle & Pete

When Pete and I became engaged we began the exciting and overwhelming process of planning the perfect wedding.  There were many vendors to choose from but I knew that there was only one team of amazingly talented photographers that could capture our love story.  I had become familiar with the work of Ahmad and Ferah through attending and viewing photos from other friend’s weddings.  They have the unique ability to make you feel so comfortable that you forget that there is a camera present and you just get lost in the moment.  Ahmad and Ferah took the time to get to know us and when it came time for our engagement photos, they were creative and artistic. They knew our personalities and suggested the perfect location and theme.  I still get compliments from people I’ve just met that have told me that they love loved our engagement photos and had never seen such a creative concept.  I often look through our beautiful wedding album and am in awe that every detail was captured so precisely.  Throughout this journey, Ahmad and Ferah have become such dear friends of ours and I wish them all the success in the world, they deserve it.  Their work is exceptional and continues to impress.

xo Danielle & Pete Palmer